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Maccessibility Post: Round-up of Accessibility Jobs

From: Kynn Bartlett <kynn@idyllmtn.com>
Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 13:53:56 -0700
To: WAI-IG <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
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 From Maccessibility.com (Macs + Accessibility = Maccessibility):

Will Your Knowledge of Accessibility Land You a Job?

    Trawling through the job boards today, I came across of a number of
    job postings related to accessibility. Many of them are beyond the
    range in which I want to work, but you may be interested in these
    (also read the small print for my disclaimer):

    Section 508 Oracle Developer, RS Information Systems
           Full time / Washington DC, USA / 29 April 2003

           Description: Will work with developers to make the interfaces
           section 508 compliant, resolve data, application and
           performance issues. Analyze and tune the queries for
           application tuning. Analyze new business requirements,
           reorganize application designs as needed to meet new
           requirements as well as section 508 standards and to improve
           performance. The candidate will also develop the different 
           Interfaces necessary for the FMCSA operations and coordinate
           with the clients as necessary. Participate in conducting the
           general awareness programs in accessibility and section 508

    Software Tester, Manpower Professional
           Full time - Contract / Stafford, Virginia, USA / 30 April 2003

           Desired Skills [...] Familiarity of Section 508 requirements 
           they pertain to both web based and client server applications.
           Understanding of testing for Section 508 compliance, and
           knowledge of tools available for this purpose. [...]

    Instructional Designer, ZERONE, Inc
           Full time / Washington DC, USA / 16 April 2003

           Bonus Qualifications Development experience using scripts and
           programs compliant with the provisions of Section 508 for the
           Rehabilitation Acts Amendments of 1998. These may include, but
           may not be necessarily limited to: Dreamweaver 4.0 and to 
           Section 508 compliant Web-authoring tolls. Development of code
           to work in conjunction with SCORM/AICC-conformant learning
           management systems

    Web Developer, Sytel Systems
           Full Time / Washington DC, USA / 6 March 2003

           Description: Individual will work with webmasters and
           pagemasters in the Federal Aviation Administration to
           facilitate compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation
           Act of 1973. Individual should have knowledge of assistive
           technology tools Used to help the disabled with access to
           electronic information technology. Frequently, implementation
           activities will require working with a variety of
           professionals, both technical and non-technical, under tight
           deadlines to accomplish timely implementation.

    Web Developer, World Key Consulting Solutions
           Full time - Contract / Durham, North Carolina, USA / 14 April

           Description: [...] Experience with Section 508 / Web
           Accessiblity Standards is a plus

    Web Publications Developer, Raytheon
           Full time / Montgomery County, Maryland, USA / 14 April 2003

           Description: Publish information to National Weather Serivce
           (NWS) web sites and assist in the administration of web sites
           and servers. Enhance and maintain the Office of Services web
           page, ensuring compliance with policies and procedures and
           improving performance. Support workshops, conferences and 
           key events coordinated via the web. Maintain a library of
           outreach and briefing documentation. [...] Desired Skills: IIS
           server experience preferred. Section 508 familiarity a plus.

    User Interface Engineer, DAS Enterprises
           Full time / Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA / 4 April 2003

           Description: [...] Hands-on experience with the methods of
           user-centered design, intermediate skills with graphics design
           tools and image layering, an understanding of Win2K Server
           certification, Section 508 accessibility, and designing GUIs
           for translation to national languages, skills with MFC, Visual
           C++, C#/. NET, XML/XSL/HTML, COM/DCOM/ActiveX, MMC 
           and Windows9x/NT/2000/XP, and an understanding of web
           technologies and knowledge of UI design principles for web
           applications are preferred.

    Senior Software Engineer, Spherion
           Full time / Dayton, Ohio, USA / 3 April 2003

           Description: Min. 5+ years of relevant experience in Java, HP
           UNIX and UNIX scripting. Experience in development of Section
           508 compliant applications is a real plus (should have
           knowledge of this if you have worked in government sector).

    Software Engineer, EER Systems Inc
           Full time / Chantilly, Virginia, USA / 31 March 2003


           + Two or more years of experience in web development and web
             enabling databases
           + Experience with ColdFusion
           + Strong database skills with Oracle and SQL Server
           + Knowledge of CSS, section 508 and various development and
             management tools
           + XML a plus

    Java Web Application Developer, Ntelicor LP
           Full time / Kansas City, Missouri, USA / 26 March 2003

           Requirements: [...] Expert knowledge of Graphical User
           Interface (GUI) development and accessibility (Section 508)
           standards and techniques

    Web Engineer, Epylon
           Full time / San Francisco, CA / 4 March 2003

           Qualifications: [...] Experience coding GUIs for ADA Section
           508 Compliance a plus.

    HTML/Javascript/Flash MX Developer, CAST
           Full time - contract / Boston, Massachusetts, USA / 25 March

           Description: CAST seeks an energetic, creative developer to
           implement interactive Web-based learning environments that 
           the needs of diverse learners, especially those with

    Senior Web Applications Developer, Spectera
           Full time / Baltimore, Maryland, USA / 1 April 2003

           Responsibilities: [...] Troubleshooting and Debugging of Web
           Site Accessibility issues relating to IBM HostPublisher 
           WebSphere Application Server, HTTP Server, Firewall, and 
           TCP Services [Not sure if this is really an accessibility 
           in the way we mean it, or not --Kynn]

    Software Quality Assurance Analyst, Capella Education Company
           Full time / Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA / 18 March 2003

           Position summary: This position is responsible for defining 
           executing software quality assurance best practices in the
           areas of

           + Software Functional Testing
           + Automated Testing
           + System Performance & Load Testing
           + Web Testing
           + Unit Testing
           + Security Testing
           + Usability & Accessibility Testing

    Web Producer, ACCPAC International
           Full time / Pleasanton, California, USA / 19 March 2003

           Qualifications: Must have excellent communication skills, be
           detail-oriented and organized. The ideal candidate will be
           energetic and self-motivated. Strong knowledge of interface
           design, usability/accessibility, interactive and Internet
           technologies needed. Must be an idea person who can work with
           designers and programmers and work as a peer with clients. 
           be a team leader who can keep multiple small and large 
           on track. You should be a seasoned web pro.

    Web Standards Systems Analyst, TAD Technical
           Full time / Sterling, Virginia, USA / 2 May 2003

           Requirements: [...] Familiarity with Development Standards
           (Section 508, IEEE 12207, CMMi, etc.), and Web Standards (W3C,
           SOAP, WS-I, etc.).

    Software Engineer (requires Unix & Perl), HorizonLive
           Full time / New York City, New York, USA / 3 April 2003

           Desired: Development of Accessible Technologies (i.e. Section
           508 compliance). [...]

    Web Accessibility Engineer, W3C
           Full time / Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA / 10 February 2003

           Requirements: in-depth knowledge of W3C technologies, XML
           accessibility guidelines, WCAG, ATAG, UAAG, and EARL.
           Familiarity with the Web industry, W3C process, development of
           test suites and automated tools, assistive technology,
           disability communities, and the accessibility research
           community needed. Excellent communication skills and 
           working in team settings necessary. Must be free to travel.

    Web Accessibility Specialist, W3C
           Full time / Europe / 10 February 2003

           Qualifications: Excellent communication skills in English,
           including presentation skills; other European languages a 
           In-depth knowledge of Web accessibility including the Web
           Content Accessibility Guidelines ; Web authoring tools; the 
           industry in Europe; and policies relating to Web accessibility
           in Europe. Familiarity with W3C; Authoring Tool Accessibility
           Guidelines ;User Agent Accessibility Guidelines ; assistive
           technologies; and disability communities in Europe. Experience
           working internationally and in team settings. Availability for

    Small Print: Kynn Bartlett is in no way connected with any of these
    jobs and has no specific knowledge of them apart from finding them on
    the Web. He has no idea, for example, if any of these jobs are still
    open, or if they're even desirable jobs.


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