Re: WCAG versus Bobby for site review?

I'll accept the link spacing after seeing further discussion on it.  Jaws
does not automatically read the title on a link inline with the link and
since this is unusual practice at the moment, by default, it reads the link
text.  I imagine we could ask that title be treated the same as link text
but don't know as that the issue rests only with jaws.

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On headings, the way I read this that is confusing to me is that the
headings have links as their content and although this is becoming more wide
spread practice, it is not helpful.

David Poehlman wrote:
>just a couple of comments tools asside, when you mark up links with hx
>x is 1 -7, the current version of jaws reads the h as a structural pointer
>as it was orriginally intended to be such as a chapter or section

As far as I know, I'm using and nesting the headings correctly. H1 for
the page title, H2 for the dates on that page, and H3 for the dates and
titles within those date sections. Is this incorrect?

>The usability issue with your link syntax is that # is all that appears
>between > and </a> which is not helpfull to screen readers as we tab
>to attempt to decide what link to activate.  If you could find a way to
>stick something unique in there, the problem would be solved and I think
>that is what bobby was getting at.

Right. I know that's what Bobby is getting at, but I have a unique title
attribute on each like so:

<a href="foo.htm" title="post 4523">#</a>

My question: Is that unique title enough? I thought screen readers read
the title attribute in addition to link text.

>It would be helpfull but is not absolutely necessary to place a symbol like
>| after each link when there is a link next to it.

I guess I didn't explain that one as well either because Jonathan read
it the same way you did. There are *not* two 'links' side-by-side. There
are two 'a' elements side-by-side. One is a page anchor and the other is
a hyperlink. The bug (I still think it's a bug) is that Bobby doesn't
distinguish the difference and treats them both as hyperlinks.

<a name="foo">not a link</a> <a href="foo.htm">link</a>

I hope that explains it a little better. New question from this: Does
Jaws say "link" for both of those or just the second one? If both, what
happens when you try to activate the first one?

James Craig


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