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I good starting tutorial is the one at w3schools [] -
because they have areas where you can 'play' with CSS by manipulating
the code they have written.
It's only basic - but a good starting point.
Another thing you might find while using percentages for font-size is
that you come up against the inheritance problem - which I have to admit
that I haven't really solved - and would still welcome guidance on.
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Ok I am gonna ask:
First of all, I have a learning disability. I can learn but usually not
form books. I need to see the exact thing then I can do it and once I
learn it I don't forget. 
I am trying to do CSS/ I have Kens book, the w3 site , lots of reference
material. I even took a 4 part course on basic CSS. BUT, when I come to
something I have never done before, it is like Greek/
anyway here is a style sheet I build.  I will fix the hover thingy because
I know how. but what about the rest of this think. I do not know how far
to go and still make it accessible. I have this site in HTML and with
some code exceptions it will pass WAI AA, 
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