RE: [w3c-wai-ig] <none>

> I have some really stupid questions, but I sure am not going to ask them

Why not? If people are going to take Dona's moans seriously can someone
please explain them to me.

(The four-letter word thing aside, I don't find that word particularly
offensive, but I agree it was unnecessary).

The two phrases that I have assumed were the supposed sources of offence
were "The page bears only a passing resemblance to HTML" and "you seem to
have a fundamental misunderstanding of how label elements work and the
syntax rules for HTML".

Maybe there was something else offensive and I was barking up the wrong
tree, but all I can see is that someone took offence at being told to learn
the fundamentals when they really needed to learn the fundamentals.

We all had to learn these things some time, and pretending otherwise is no
more polite than it is helpful.

Received on Wednesday, 30 April 2003 14:00:06 UTC