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Dona -- Please, please, please do NOT give up on the WAI-ig list.

In my opinion, it is CRITICAL that people with all kinds of backgrounds, expertise,  and expectations participate with the WAI, PARTICULARLY on THIS list.  Please consider those who were less than kind to you to be emotionally disabled.

Remember, also, that almost everyone has "bad days" that will show up in everything we do if we are not very, very careful.  I sure have those periodically.  I cope with them by hiding out when they occur.  Not everyone is able to or should do that, though.

Also, there are some on this list who respond in ways that they believe are "very rigorous" and these responses can come across as less than kind.

I hope that I have never been rude or unkind on any list that I have participated in.  And I believe that it is useful for us all to be periodically reminded of what has any diverse collaboration work effectively.  You remind us all that mutual kindness and tolerance is a critical factor in the success of any collaborative effort. (Congress would do well to have periodic reminders such as yours.)  Thank you and please stay active on the list.  You are needed!

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Dona Patrick wrote:

> This list has been very helpful in many ways.  Many members are highly knowledgeable in the field of accessibility and the comments they provide are usually quite useful.  Of course this is to be expected from a list run by the W3C.  It is humbling and exciting to see posts from leaders in the field of web accessibility.
> I know that many email lists have issues with people being rude and unkind.  It seems it is simply the nature of lists.  Whenever you have large groups of people who may never meet each other discussing topics about which they are passionate, you will have a few who don't seem to take other people's feelings into consideration when replying.
> A few days ago I asked a question and received one kind and helpful response (thank you Al) and two responses that made me decide that I will never ask this list another question.  I will take my questions to other lists that I know to be more forgiving.  This morning I read a message that contained a sentence that was rude and completely unnecessary.  The world is filled with too much incivility as it is.  One would hope that a list dedicated to helping all people easily use the World Wide Web would be a kinder place to learn.
> Thank you to those of you who have been helpful in a civil manner and thank you to all who have been brave enough to ask questions I have been wondering about.  I will most likely read the archives from now on.
> Sincerely,
> Dona Patrick

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