In appropriate language usage on the list WAS RE: Bobby turning c orporate

On Tuesday, April 29, 2003 9:11 PM Nick spewed:

> Can I suggest you have a word with your local BOFH about adding this
> kind of crap to your messages?


although I do sympathise with your frustration it is virtually impossible for people to get their BOFH to change anything. Corporate email disclaimers are notoriously vague and don't apply in any common-sense meaning to public mailing lists but that doesn't, IMHO, give you license to abuse people over something that is patently beyond their control. I was going to reply to you personally over this but seeing as you have already put someone off using this list with your comments I thought I should post publicly. 

Please self-moderate and be aware that not everyone wants to hear your pet rants in such crude terminology. 


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