Re: Bobby turning corporate

On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 wrote:

> I came across a story that claims there is a significant change in the
> functionality between version 4 and the new version 5

I'd certainly hope so, given how much bobby has been a zombie for the
past three years or so.  Watchfire presumably wanted the name, not
the software.

>	 (specifically
> you can no longer save site reports as html, making such reports
> unsharable except to people with their own licensed copy of the
> program).

Oh dear.  Does it support EARL yet?

>  The sneaky part is that there is apparently nothing that

Oh dear.  Yet another reason to upgrade to AccessValet - which supports
and will continue to support both HTML and EARL.

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> recipient(s) only.

Can I suggest you have a word with your local BOFH about adding this
kind of crap to your messages?

Nick Kew

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