RE: New tool on Accessify - Acronym Generator

>>> "Jon Hanna" <> 04/22/03 11:16AM >>>

> Also, PHP /used/ to stand for "Personal Home Pages" but now it stands
> for "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor" which brings up the question of
> abbreviatations within abbreviations: Should it be "Personal Home Page
> Hypertext Preprocessor"? Not sure. Probably...
> Maybe it should be "PHP (Personal Home Page) Hypertext Preprocessor".

>What about GNU (GNU's Not Unix)? I think the current expansion of PHP is
>intended to work along those lines, hence <acronym title="PHP Hypertext
>Preprocessor">PHP</acronym> is the best you can do.

maybe it's finally time for <abbr type="recursive"> :o) or, worse yet, nested abbr's...


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