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Hi everyone,

I'm new here but I would like to join in the discussion.

> z-index is not relevant to presentation order.  It's main use is for
> animations, popup menus and tabbed dialogue type display - all, of
> necessity, involving client side scripting.  The last two are basically
> about selecting what is presented, not about changing its order.  The only
> non-scripting use would be rather artistic layouts, where non-background
> items are deliberately overlapped.

I'm a big fan of liquid CSS layouts because of their flexibility. It allows me to put the content right after the body tag in a div
box and leave graphics and navigation at the bottom. Visually however the things are the other way around. I do have a problem with
overlapping mainly because the navigation (usually at the left) overlaps with the content box (in which the text is shifted to the
right by using a margin or padding to the p, h1, h2 elements). The reason I did not push the entire content box further to the left
to accomodate the navigation is because browsers interpret differently its width in percentages, the space from the left edge and
often return an horizontal scroll bar.

In this case z-index is quite important because it can decide whether the navigation is or is not displayed. Even if both boxes
would have transparent background if the navigation is "beneath" the content box you still wouldn't be able to click on the links
(or so I've found in my experience).

Carmen Mardiros

Received on Thursday, 17 April 2003 02:02:01 UTC