Re: screen reader testing

I'd suggest not coding to screen readers but coding for accessibility using
all the available techniques.  It might mean that your research into screen
readers can help you in providing information about how to effectively use
screen readers on your site but The fact that some screen readers conflict
with some activities of rendering and some do not and some that do will not
will make this a moving target.  To answer your question though, it seems
that the most effective conbination for browsing the web right now is jaws
4.51 and ie 5.5 through 6.  This according to discussions I have seen about
who uses what and why.  I am hopefull that we will see more on the mack side
and more on the side of mozilla and family as well as opera and others with
regard to use by screen readers but my concern is that an awefull lot of
sites seem to be engineered for ie.

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Subject: screen reader testing

I've noticed a lot of differences between screen readers in the way they
read the content. This makes for a particularly troublesome problem in
testing because, not only are we testing for browser compatability but also
screen reader compatability. I was wondering if there has been any market
research done as to which screen reader is the most commonly used? Which is
the best to test on?

I would appreciate any help you can provide.

Dan Alexander

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