Re: Access Keys on forms

access keys are only valuable for ie users and for many ie users who use
screen readers, you still have to say what they are somewhere because they
are not exposed to the user.  Just mark the form up clearly and put a * in a
required field label and that should be sufficient.

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Dear Daniel,

It sounds like you may be going a bit overboard with the use of access
keys. However, it is truly unfair for me to really comment without
seeing the page.    What kind of forms are they?

Having an access key for the Site Search Box or a User Log In Form would
be quite helpful.  Putting an access key for an Address field probably
not so useful.  I would think in a practical sense, you would only want
to label commonly used forms.  I would also suggest not putting access
keys on every field.  Rather, I would recommend putting the access keys
for the first field of the form's) you want access keys for.

I am blind and use a screen reader everyday to navigate the Internet,
and I probably wouldn't bother memorizing all those access keys, even if
I used your site  a whole lot.  If you label the main forms, and I used
your site regularly I would probably take the time to memorize them
since in the long run it would probably save time.  Just my 2 cents
worth. <grin>


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Subject: RE: Access Keys on forms

Just to add to this.  I could just add access keys to the require
fields.  What do people think of this?


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Subject: Access Keys on forms


Just designing a site to make it more accessible and there are a lots of
fairly short but different forms on it.

I am using labels and CSS to sort out the layout so I'm fairly sure that
the forms are accessible in that sense.

My question is that I've redesign some of them with every form field
with access keys but I'm not really sure if it really helping improve
the accessibility think it might be going OTT.

Just wanted to get other peoples opinion on this?


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