Re: Alternative Interfaces for Accessibility

Hi, Larry

I think he might have been more accurate if he had said something about the
interface being designed which supported the presentation and navigation
of linear text.


> Scott,
> I'm willing to cut Jakob a bit of slack for thinking outside the box.
> However, while not totally disagreeing, I find a bit too simplistic 
> Jakob's premise, "An interface for blind users, for example, should 
> be designed for auditory presentation."
> Not all blind people use screen readers. I'm told by those with a 
> hearing loss ranging from moderate to severe that they find auditory 
> output difficult or impossible to use. Obviously this includes the 
> deaf-blind like Hellen Keller. These individuals use a Braille 
> terminal as their primary or only tool.
> Jakob himself admits, "Of course, the approach I advocate here is 
> overly Utopian." However, he is focusing on business not user needs.
> Larry

Received on Wednesday, 9 April 2003 13:46:48 UTC