Re: Alertbox: Alternative Interfaces for Accessibility

what he fails to take into account is that god structural mark up and good
use of it being made by rendering technologies can go a long way toward
achieving the goal and already has.  For instance, jaws and soon window eyes
will allow you to quickly scan a web page for certain types of information
such as paragraphs, headings, form controlls, links, lists and much much
more.  There will be more progress in this area from the big two and as
resources are available, the gains will be tremendous.  What he propposes
here seems to be to be to derail all of that for something new and as yet

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Not sure how many people on this list read Jacob... sometimes I agree with
him, sometimes I think he's way off base, but the topic line is relevant to
this list (and this time I tend to agree with him <grin>).



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Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox for April 7 is now online at:

The key difference between user interfaces for sighted users and blind
users is not that between graphics and text; it's the difference between
2-D and 1-D. Optimal usability for users with disabilities requires new
approaches and new user interfaces.


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