RE: Why would link title = link text?

I think Al is right about the root cause here having to do with actual
screen reader implementations. 

My assumption would be that title was added in order to provide an extended
description of what a user might find when he/she clicks on a link (see
example at 

Because some user agents present (or can be configured to present) the value
of the title attribute without presenting the actual text of the link
itself, authors may have been inclined to make the two match to avoid

Hopefully, once end users can consistently query their user agents for the
information contained in the title attribute, this technique can be more
widely adopted for the benefit of end users who want extended information
about the link they are viewing and for authors who prefer to use shorter
link text.

> What user agent lets you manipulate the size of the tooltip?  Or is that
> an
> OS adjustment?

[BBC] For Windows, you can adjust the size of tool tips by following the
instructions at 


Received on Wednesday, 2 April 2003 16:47:23 UTC