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Fwd: Follow Up: Open Source for the Visually Impaired

From: Wendy A Chisholm <wendy@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2000 17:54:36 -0400
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A couple weeks ago I forwarded information about the open source software 
project "Ocularis."  After a few people from the list responded to me 
privately, I followed-up with the person coordinating the Ocularis work, JP 
Schnapper-Casteras.  Here is what he sent for me to forward on to the WAI 


>Date: Sat, 2 Sep 2000 22:10:46 -0700 (PDT)
>From: JP S-C <jp_sc@yahoo.com>
>Subject: Follow Up: Open Source for the Visually Impaired
>To: wendy@w3.org, smccaffr@mail.nysed.gov
>Cc: jpsc@users.sourceforge.net
>Dear Ms. Chisolm and Mr. McCaffrey,
>      Included below is the Release Roadmap.  With the
>help of more developers and non-technical volunteers,
>the roadmap's timeframes are quite do-able.  Feel free
>to forward this message in its entirety to WAI mailing
>lists or others.  Thanks.  Keep in touch.
>--JP Schnapper-Casteras
>Ocularis Release Roadmap for August 2000
>As of August 2000, the primary stages of Ocularis'
>development are: 1)Design; 2)Desktop Environment;
>3)Full Distribution.  The timeframe for each of these
>stages is also is subject to change and is based on
>the current rate at which new developers and
>volunteers join the project.
>Terms Used:
>"Basic applications" refers to a word processor,
>calculator, file manager, Internet browser, and e-mail
>client.  A calendar and basic accounting or finance
>application and other clients or programs are also
>considered "basic applications", but they are less
>crucial (than the first five "basic applications") and
>may miss the due dates specified in this release
>"Desktop environment" refers to a package consisting
>of the basic applications and software called the
>"audio desktop environment" (ADE) that integrates and
>allows easy access to the basic applications and other
>commonly used functions.  The "desktop environment"
>can be downloaded from the Internet and used on a
>computer that already has Linux installed.
>"Full distribution" refers to the complete version of
>the Linux Operating System that can be installed,
>customized, and used by the visually impaired,
>independent of sighted assistance.  When the "full
>distribution" is complete, it will be possible for a
>visually impaired individual to install the "desktop
>environment" and other optional packages on the blank
>hard drive of a computer consisting of commonly
>available (Linux-compatible) hardware costing less
>than $500 that can be bought at almost any local
>computer store.
>Discussion of and new propositions for the Audio User
>Interfaces (AUIs) for the applications and desktop
>environment that comprise Ocularis will end by
>September 30th. At the end of the design stage there
>will be specifications for the AUI of each basic
>applications.  After September 30th, Ocularis will
>enter a stage of more substantial development of both
>the desktop environment and the full distribution.
>AUI  modifications, design suggestions, and new
>designs will be considered after September 30th, but
>will receive a lower priority than if they had been
>submitted before the 30th.
>2)Desktop Environment:
>As previously stated, development of the desktop
>environment will begin after September 30th and
>developer releases will begin soon thereafter.  Within
>4-6 months from now, or from January to early February
>2001, a stable (not developer) version of the desktop
>will be released to and usable by end-users.
>Development of the desktop environment will continue
>during and after this release, although it is likely
>that there will be a code freeze several weeks before
>reaching the stable, non-developer version.
>3)Full Distribution:
>Development of the full distribution will also begin
>after September 30th and developer releases will start
>to come out after those of the desktop environment.  A
>stable (not developer) version of the full
>distribution should be released approximately 6-12
>months from now, or any time from February to August
>2001.  The word "approximately" is used because of the
>numerous technical factors that go into creating Linux
>installers and configuration tools that output to
>speech and can be executed from a CD-ROM (while
>maintaining reasonable RAM requirements).
>Other Subprojects:
>The planned release dates of some Ocularis
>subprojects, such as "UIML Implementation" are not
>implicitly specified in this release roadmap.  The
>accomplishments of such subprojects may or may not
>accelerate the progress of the three primary stages
>detailed above.
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