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[Fwd: Response to Bobby 3.2 Feedback (ID=1615)]

From: Brian Matheny <bmatheny@cast.org>
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 18:54:32 -0400
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Subject: Response to Bobby 3.2 Feedback (ID=1615)
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 18:47:03 -0400
From: "Michael Cooper" <mcooper@cast.org>
To: Multiple recipients of list bobby <bobby@cast.org>

Sent to: Bruce_Bailey@ed.gov

CAST has not made a general announcement of the release of Bobby 3.2
pending the resolution of some known bugs. It was urgent that we release
it, even with bugs, because the interest in the Bobby Server had
exceeded the capacity of the old server, resulting in a high proportion
of failed requests. The 3.2 server uses a different technology and is
much more stable. We have resolved many of the bugs, and plan soon to
release Bobby 3.2.1, at which time we will make a general announcement.

We've had a number of requests to place the approved/not approved icon
back in the report. We removed it because of concerns expressed by WAI
that people would see the icon and assume they were fully Priority 1
compliant without attending to the manual checks. But there has been an
apparent cost in usability, and we will reconsider the decision. We hope
the wording is more clear to most users, but would welcome suggestions
for improvement.

Our small icon is 88 x 33 pixels because we understood that _was_ the
standard size for icons. If you can point us to a reference indicating
that 88 x 31 is correct, however, we can make the adjustment. We do ask
that sites that choose to use the Bobby Approved icon use one of ours,
or contact us for exceptions, as this is important to our brand. We will
shortly release a new icon that is much easier to read and does not
include the cartoon cop.

Thanks for your feedback.

Michael Cooper
Bobby Project Manager, CAST, Inc.
Email bobby@cast.org

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Dear Group,

I have not seen it mentioned here, but Boby 3.2 is now live and the
version.  I am not sure when it went up.
My first impression is that the "Advanced Options" have improved, but
ability to suppress verbose and probably irrelevant warning messages has
been added.  I could not find any links to earlier version of Bobby.

Most peculiarly, even clean pages no longer register as "Bobby
The best one can hope for is a (rather buried) message that reads: 
web page does not contain any Priority 1 accessibility errors that Bobby
detect. However, certain items require human judgment; these are listed
below. Please review these items; if none of these apply to your page,
qualifies for Bobby Approved status.</Q>  No "award" graphic displays at
all.  Pages which fail still get the banner with a big red X through it

Cast now includes a button graphic, but rather than have it at the
size of 88x31 they made it 88x33.  I still think the one I made is
(smaller, easier to read, transparent, the right size, web safe palette,
fewer colors, etc.).  Feel free to steal it from URL:
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