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Re: Netscape 6

From: Philip Ramsey <jamaican@colis.com>
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 08:31:07 -0400
Message-ID: <39914F0B.A0572FCD@colis.com>
To: "Charles F. Munat" <chas@munat.com>
CC: "WAI Interest Group (E-mail)" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Hi Charles,

Consider yourself lucky. I spent almost 2 hours d/l/ installing n6
only to find it did not work on my machine at all. I hate these these
install from remote locations as these install always never work for


"Charles F. Munat" wrote:
> I downloaded the preview release of Netscape 6 today and was astonished to
> discover that it is still broken.
> I don't know how many other people on this list build websites for a living
> or have any idea how frustratingly bad Netscape 4 is when it comes to HTML,
> CSS, and even JavaScript, but I estimate that having to kludge things all
> over my sites to make up for Netscape bugs probably adds 10-20% to my
> workload.
> So understandably I'm aghast at this latest release. Just a preliminary
> review discovered the following:
> 1. Nothing from the Body element seems to be inherited by child elements. If
> I set the body element to text-align: right, nothing happens, even though
> the child elements do not have text-align attributes set. Adding
> margin-right seemed to do nothing at all either. Does the Body element even
> work in Netscape's CSS implementation?
> 2. One of my sites (I'm embarrassed to admit) uses images in a table to
> create a rounded-corner effect. The text then appears in a white rectangle
> with rounded corners on a black background. For this trick to work, I need
> the table cells to fit precisely to the images. And that works fine on every
> browser that tables work on... except NS 6. On NS 6, extra space is added to
> the cells, despite the lack of newlines, spaces, or anything else in the
> cells except the images. I have no idea how I'm going to get around this.
> 3. MOST AMAZINGLY, the problem with exaggerated width form inputs (about
> twice the width that they should be) is not fixed. WORSE, it now appears to
> affect textareas as well! I've already got workarounds built into all my
> sites to deal with the problem on NS 4. Now it appears I'll need to add yet
> another workaround to deal with NS 6!
> Am I the only person in the world having trouble with Netscape products?
> Every now and then I hear others complain, but given the enormous hassle
> it's been for me, I'm surprised I don't hear more about it.
> ALMOST ALL of my sites will need work. These sites work fine on IE 5.5 and
> on Opera 4. I figured that when NS 6 came out I could just set my servers to
> deliver "Opera" pages to it and they should work fine. But no.
> Not only is this bad for designers in general, it's a tragedy for
> accessibility. IMHO, getting browsers to the point where they comply as
> closely as possible with HTML 4, XHTML 1, CSS2, etc. is a very important
> step toward making web sites accessible. Netscape's apparent lack of concern
> for the quality of their product is a giant step backward. And didn't they
> PROMISE that this next release would be standards-compliant?
> If I am wrong about any of this, I'd love to be corrected. Is something
> wrong with my version? Does NS 6 actually work on other people's computers?
> Please... say it ain't so.
> Sincerely,
> Charles F. Munat,
> Seattle
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