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Re: Federal Website Accessibility Deadline

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 15:27:01 -0500
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The Board's proposed standards were published on March 31. The public comment period ended May 30. The next step for federal agencies is usually to review the comments, make any changes it feels is appropriate, submit the revised document to OMB for review, and wait. Eventually, the document comes back, either acceptable as is or with suggestions from OMB that need to be addressed. 

Assuming this follows the normal procedure, it's impossible for an outsider to predict the timing of the OMB review process. It could be next week, or considerably longer.

Once the final standards are published, agencies will have six months to implement them (which was the original idea - the standards were supposed to have been final by February 7, with the implementation deadline six months later).

>>> Kynn Bartlett <kynn@idyllmtn.com> 07/27/00 02:12PM >>>
I just got asked in private email -- does anyone know what the
current "deadline" for accessibility on web sites happens to be?
Is it "in effect" or still "in consideration" or what?  What's
the current status?

Originally it was supposed to be about 2 weeks from now (August
7), but from http://www.section508.gov/updateinfo.html I see that
it's been moved back to "six months after the access board's
recommendations are final."  What is the status of that process?

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