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Re: What is the propper procedure?

Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 09:45:27 -0700
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Glad someone brought this up. I've been a bit confused about this too. Most
lists I'm on let you hit reply and it replies to the list automatically
instead of the individual sender.  I don't have a "reply all" option in my
e-mail app, so I've just been inserting the list name in the "To" line.

>I have noticed that whenever I respond to a message I get two
>copies of the of any replies. What is the proper procedure for
>responding to a message? Should I reply to all? Or should I reply
>to sender only. Or should I reply to the list only? I know some
>people, myself included, would prefer to receive one copy of a
>message instead of two or more copies of the same message.
>tia in this matter.
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