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RE: appropriate hypertext

From: Veglahn, Wendee (WT Chen) <Veglahn@Volpe.DOT.Gov>
Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 13:13:01 -0400
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One reason why I would not use the phrase "click here" or similar is that it insinuates the user is able to use a pointing device (mouse or what have you) which is not always true. Whether or not this is being a bit too sensitive on how the phrase maybe taken by the user, may just be a personal issue/preference. 

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> > 	The real problem with "click" is it represents a failure
> > 	to think about appropriate hypertext...
> I think it is possible to use appropriate hypertext and still use the word
> "click" in that hypertext.
> Link copy should tell users what to expect when they follow a link. Making
> rules for how we accomplish that misses the point.
> Whether we use "click," "select," "follow," "read," "choose," "slam" or
> "pound" as the active verb is a literary issue, not a literal one, as long
> as meaning is clear.
> Terminology is an appropriate part of design. Depending on the context and
> purpose of one site, I may choose to use one hypertext phrase throughout.
> On a different site, I may choose variety. That choice and the goal of
> clarity rightly belong within the creative challenge.
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