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Bobby 3.2 Beta Announcement

From: Michael Cooper <mcooper@cast.org>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 23:24:17 -0400
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Message-id: <20000630232819.82e2fb804e9511d49c3800805fbb326a.in@mail.cast.org>

Dear Bobby Users,

CAST is launching Bobby V3.2 very shortly, and is looking for experienced Bobby users who want to participate in the beta testing of Version 3.2. Beta testing is scheduled to begin on June 30th and will run for one week. You can access the beta of the server at http://dev.cast.org/bobby3.2/, and you can also download the beta of the GUI application from that site, using the "Download Bobby" link.  The Bobby V3.2 Beta Test Questionnaire is included at the bottom of this email. You may complete and return it to cramos@cast.org.

Bobby V3.2 contains major changes that support improved analysis and advancement in testing functions.  Specifically:

* On the server, the Bobby Report no longer displays in the color of the original page, so it's readable.
* When testing certain pages using Netscape as your browser, you get a "Forbidden" message instead of a report. We have created a workaround for this problem.

* Accessibility improvements
* Ability to export reports to XML for database analysis
* Problems with URL drop-down list

* Support for web pages in multiple-byte character sets (internationalization)
* HTTPS (Secure Socket Layer, or SSL) support - can now access secure web sites
* Improved support for guidelines (list of changes are found in the documentation)
* Redesign of report for readability and comprehension

There are improvements in progress as the beta testing continues:

* HTTPS slow - will be fixed in release
* Extra hats - more hats appear in the server report than in 3.1; will be addressed in release.

If you have any questions, please contact Michael Cooper at mcooper@cast.org. CAST appreciates any and all involvement in this process.  Thank you!

Michael Cooper
Bobby Project Manager

The Bobby V3.2 Beta Test Questionnaire

1.  Specify whether you tested the Server, GUI interface, or Command-line
interface (especially when reporting bugs).

2.  What bugs did you find? Describe exactly what you were doing, what the
result was, and if applicable the URL you were testing.

3. Are you running Bobby behind a firewall and/or using a proxy server?

4. What browser do you use to access the server?

5. What browser do you use to display reports in the GUI (HotJava, Swing, or Native, if Native which one)?

6.Is the report readable and it's structure self-evident?

7. If applicable, did you have any accessibility problems using the GUI?
If so describe what the problems were, and what access aids, if any, you

8. Is the documentation easy to find and understand?

9. Are there features you hoped to see that are not present?

10.  Other comments:



Email Address:



Browser Make and Version (Netscape, AOL, Internet Explorer):

Computer Platform (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc.):

Connection Speed (28.8, 56.6, T1, etc.):

Custom features of computer environment (e.g., screen reader, special color and font size settings, etc.):

Email this questionnaire to cramos@cast.org.
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