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CAST Web Site beta test

From: Michael Cooper <mcooper@cast.org>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 16:27:56 -0400
To: <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Cc: "David Grogan" <dgrogan@cast.org>, "Brenda Matthis" <bmatthis@cast.org>
Hi - my colleagues at CAST asked me to pass this on... Michael

Dear Friends of CAST,

CAST is launching a new version of its Web site at the end of this summer.
The new Web site is much more interactive and dynamic, providing
unprecedented access to information to help you research learning
accessibility issues.  It is our hope that this new site will serve as a
model of how Universal Design for Learning principles can be applied to Web

CAST is looking for individuals who are interested in participating in the
beta testing of the new Web site.  Beta testing is the early review of a
product before it is officially available to the public.  All that is
required of the testers is that they spend 45 minutes with the site,
exploring its content and experimenting with its tools. In particular, we
invite you to test the Guided Tours section of the site, and experiment by
creating your own tours.  Once the tester feels they have enough of an
impression to provide feedback, they can fill out a questionnaire and send
it back to CAST.  The questionnaire inquires about the site's look,
interface, content, performance, information on your computer and browser,
and general feedback and suggestions.

Beta testing is scheduled to begin on July 11th and will run for two weeks.
Those indicating that they wish to participate will receive a more detailed
e-mail on July 11th, along with an attached questionnaire.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Leslie O'Callaghan at
locallaghan@cast.org. In your email please include the email address that
you can be reached at on July 11th.  For a sneak peek at the site that is
under development, point your browser to: http://dev.cast.org/castweb. Keep
in mind that things on the site may change between now and July 11th, so
save your comments until the beta testing period.

CAST appreciates any and all involvement in this process.  Thank you!

David Grogan
Web Developer
CAST, Inc.
Received on Tuesday, 13 June 2000 16:29:02 UTC

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