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RE: Seeking guidance...

From: Jeffrey pledger <jpledger@mindspring.com>
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2000 06:44:47 -0700
Message-Id: <200004061050.GAA14607@granger.mail.mindspring.net>
To: "Chas. Munat" <charles@munat.com>, "Charles McCathieNevile" <charles@w3.org>
Cc: "Crystal Allen" <crystal@cpd2.usu.edu>, "Melinda Morris-Black" <melinda@ink.org>, "Accessibility Listserve" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Thanks for your comments.  I will be forwarding them on to our webmaster so
that he can work these issues.  

Jeffrey Pledger 
President, AbleTV.net At 10:30 PM 4/5/00 -0700, Chas. Munat wrote:
>I, too, had a look at the page, and actually there are a couple of other
>problems with it that you might want to address:
>1. The text for the links in question is in the image itself (in fact, the
>mouseover simply lights up the text). But that means that the text, which is
>already so small that I can barely make it out (with 20/20 vision,
>corrected), does not change size when the user increases the default text
>size for the browser. There are no text versions of the links elsewhere on
>the page, either. While a blind user with a screen reader could hear the alt
>text for the links, a sighted user with poor near vision (like most older
>folks) might have a very hard time with those links.
>One possible solution (but not a very good one) might be to simply make the
>text in the images larger. A better solution would be to add text versions
>of the links elsewhere on the page. But probably the best solution would be
>to pull the link labels out of the images and to use HTML text alongside the
>images to label the links. The mouseover could then highlight the image (and
>in IE you could use "hover" in the stylesheet (admittedly not standard CSS1)
>to cause the link text to light up as well). This way the text would change
>size with the browser's default text size. (The "home" through "media
>coverage" links at the top of the page already work this way.)
>By the way, the default text size on the site is extremely small in general.
>I can barely read much of it. I have to set IE to "largest" text just to get
>a reasonable text size.
>2. This has nothing to do with the mouseovers, but the image in the center
>of the page uses an animated GIF to cause the text to flash
>blue-orange-blue-orange. This is a violation of the WCAG, and, to be frank,
>rather annoying, too. The item is already center page--you probably don't
>need to flash the text to draw attention to it.
>There are a few other things you might want to think about, too. Your page
>has no DTD, and uses some deprecated attributes. Also, a fairly complex
>table is used to lay out the page, but then the items on the page don't seem
>to be arranged into any sort of logical order--they're just kind of plopped
>down here and there. I'm assuming you are using some kind of software to
>generate the code (it's very difficult to read and very consistent--usually
>signs of machine-generated code), but you may want to get in there and root
>around a bit. The internals could use some tweaking.
>Given your company's obvious commitment to accessibility, I figured you'd
>probably want to know about any accessibility-related problems on your site.
>Charles F. Munat,
>Munat, Inc.
>Seattle, Washington
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>To: Jeffrey pledger
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>Hi Jeffrey,
>I had a look at the page. So far as I can see there are rollover highlights
>that you can get through the mouse that are not replicated through keyboard
>access. Although there is no functionality problem caused by the scripting,
>it is not, so far as I can see, directly accessible - for example focussing
>the link through the keyboard does not cause the highlight to appear. In my
>understanding this would met the requirements to ensure the page works
>without scripts or applets (6.3 - P1) - but fails the requirements to make
>scripts etc directly accessible, and the triggers device-independent even to
>the limited extent allowed for by HTML 4 (6.4 and 9.3 - both p2).
>Is this correct, or have I missed something
>On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, Jeffrey pledger wrote:
>  if you go to our web site at http://www.abletv.net, you can see how we
>  implemented our mouseover techniques that are accessible either through
>  netscape or IE.  We have tested these out successfully with both JFW and
>  window eyes and have them working in both browsers.
>  Jeffrey pledger
>  president, AbleTV.net At 01:21 PM 4/5/00 -0700, Crystal Allen wrote:
>  >Is there a way to make mouseovers accessible?  If anyone could enlighten
>  >with a technique to do this it would be much appreciated.
>  >
>  >Crystal Allen
>  >
>  >
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>  >From: "Melinda Morris-Black" <melinda@ink.org>
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>  >Subject: Seeking guidance...
>  >
>  >
>  >> The issues surrounding inclusion of Javascript and accessibility are a
>  >> little confusing. I'm looking to the list for clarification. What
>  >> types/elements of scripts seem to be at issue? I know mouseovers are
>  >> accessible if tagged correctly. However, I've heard negative feedback
>  >> related to using Javascript forms. Any info on this subject is greatly
>  >> appreciated.
>  >>
>  >> I've included a specific example of a script I'm checking for
>  >> accessibility. It generates a rotating list of links on the home page.
>  >>
>  >> http://www.state.ct.us/
>  >>
>  >> Any feedback related to the accessibility is welcome.
>  >>
>  >> --
>  >> Regards,
>  >>
>  >> Melinda Morris-Black
>  >> melinda@ink.org
>  >>
>  >>
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