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RE: SMIL Validation

From: jeffrey pledger <jpledger@mindspring.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 21:52:37 -0500
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	To answer your question, no it is not very difficult to create captions
with a Real G2 video presentation, just extremely time comsuming.  If you
download either the car.zip or the elev1.zip from the WGbh WEB SITE, YOU
WILL NOTICE THAT THE CAPTIONED files are contained within a plain ascii
text file.  the trick is to get the text to appear on the screen in the
proper format to be synchornized with the audio being played.  At the start
of each line of text is a time code which reflects the time on which the
the text needs to appear to coincide with the audio stream of the video.
not difficult, just very time consuming.  

	the question you really have to ask is what do you do with the files after
you create them.  Unless you have the encoding software to put them all
together in a multi-media presentation, you just have separate files.  That
doesn't include the Real G2 server which you need to have present if you
wish to put these videos available on the web for viewing.  

	I hope this helps answer some of your questions concerning this issue.
The Able Channel will be leaving our tvontheweb web site at the end of the
year.  We are moving out on our own.  If you wish to get in contact for
more information, please stay tuned as I will announce our new web site
with nothing but accesible videos being presented there.
Questions/problems, please feel free to email me and I will try to answer
any questions that I can.  

Jeff Pledger 
President, ABLE-TV At 02:35 PM 12/20/99 -0500, Bruce Bailey wrote:
>I love the Internet!  Many thanks to Larry Bouthillier, author of 
>"Synchronized Multimedia On The Web" at URL:
>The answer is that:
>	<video src="" 
>should instead be:
>	<video src="rtsp://" 
>RealPlayer media does REQUIRES a streaming server, which is quite an 
>expensive product.  Since I want to experiment with smil files, I need 
>public files that are hosted by someone else!
>Can anyone point me to a RealPlayer file that has an offline transcript 
>available (but not real time captioning)?  I want to try my hand at making 
>good my claim that synchronized captioning is not that hard!
>I am still trying to figure out how to suppress the "videoregion" if one is 
>trying merely to produce real time caption of an audio-only broadcast.
>On Monday, December 20, 1999 12:34 PM, Charles McCathieNevile 
>[SMTP:charles@w3.org] wrote:
>> you should (as I recall the spec - this is really a SMIL question) have a
>> type attribute in the video element. And you may find that isn't enough 
>> Realplayer either - i believe it uses another scheme for addressing 
>> documents, although I don't really know.
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