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Re: SMIL Validation (was RE: Captions for audio clips)

From: geoff freed <geoff_freed@wgbh.org>
Date: 20 Dec 1999 13:56:02 -0500
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To: "webmaster@dors.sailorsite.net" <webmaster@dors.sailorsite.net>, Charles McCathieNevile <charles@w3.org>
CC: "'Web Accessibility Initiative'" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
Hi, Bruce:

I am curious to know what CAR file you used as a source, as there are a couple available.  Also, there is at least one kludge built into the CAR.SMI file:  the textregion contains a negative number:

<region id="textregion" top="135" left="-37" height="120" width="250"/> </layout>

which is necessary due to a bug in the G2 Player's ability to center text properly.  This will definitely screw up a validation report.  Can you send me the report?  Thanks.

FYI, the text file used for the captions is a RealText file, which is proprietary to RealNetworks.  That will also not validate properly.

Geoff Freed

On Monday, December 20, 1999, Charles McCathieNevile <charles@w3.org> wrote:
>you should (as I recall the spec - this is really a SMIL question) have a
>type attribute in the video element. And you may find that isn't enough for
>Realplayer either - i believe it uses another scheme for addressig streaming
>documents, although I don't really know.
>Charles McCN
>On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, Bruce Bailey wrote:
>  The W3C validator DOES validate SMIL ascii/text files.  I am anxious about 
>  how good a job it is doing.  I guess it should be great, since SMIL is a 
>  W3C spec.  I guess I don't quite understand why the CSS validator is 
>  separate from the main validation service, but SMIL is not.  Does it really 
>  test against the SMIL subset DTD specifications, or merely make sure that a 
>  file follows "general" XML specifications?  I was most disappointed to 
>  discover that the SMIL files from NCAM for the publicly available "Car" and 
>  "Elevator" do not validate as they are written.
>  My most immediately pressing SMIL problem is this:
>  Can a .smi (ascii/text) file reference (binary/media) files that are 
>  located on a different server?
>  I have tried using a BASE REF statement in the HEAD sections which seems to 
>  be ignored.
>  I have tried an explicit SRC statement like:
>  	<video src="" 
>  region="videoregion"/>
>  But that just gets me an error message, "RealPlayer cannot play this type 
>  of document".
>  Removing the http:// (and a few other permutations I tried) results in 
>  other equally non-helpful error messages.
>  This question may belong in another group, but I need to know so I can 
>  experiment with live captions.
>  Bruce Bailey
>  On Monday, December 20, 1999 2:41 AM, Charles McCathieNevile 
>  [SMTP:charles@w3.org] wrote:
>  > SMIL doesn't provide for timing inside media objects - you can do that by
>  > breaking them into pieces and using explicit timing (that's what would be
>  > good to do). The W3C validator should now validate SMIL documents (well, 
>  XML
>  > in general in theory, and SMIL is XML).
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