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this is of interest since we can now get the word out through this new

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Subject: ACB Radio press release (fwd)
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This is a first on the net as far as I know, a major national
of the blind with  an internet based radio station for all to listen to.
The potentials are great for disabled people in general with this type
technology.  We are now in a position where we can provide meaningful
timely information about disabilities to not just disabled persons, but
all persons around the world.   The specific disability niche can be
better tailored as well.


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Subject: ACB Radio press release

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For Immediate Release

         World Blind Community Linked by Internet Radio

     Today, the American Council of the Blind, announced the
launch of ACB-Radio, a web-based radio station which will reach
any visually-impaired computer-user in the English-speaking
world.  ACB-radio will be an accessible source for relevant news
and entertainment, as well as educational programming, policy
analysis, and dissemination of information of particular
importance to people who are visually impaired.
     Jonathan Mosen of New Zealand who
manages the station explains how to find the station on the
internet:  "just point your browser to www.acb.org
and click on ACB on the radio, and you are there! "
          Paul Edwards of Miami, ACB President said " this is not
just a first for the blindness community, its our place in our
time to celebrate who we are!"
Radio has always been a boon for blind people.  It informs
and entertains without the need for video.  ACB Radio now offers
even a more concentrated programming stream aimed to meet the
needs of the blind wherever they may live.  ACB Executive
Director Charles Crawford of Washington DC, observed, " we now
have it within our power to instantly inform ourselves and to
build a better world for all blind people. "
     Although the station is still in its infancy, spokespersons
for the American Council of the Blind indicate that ACB-radio
expects to  carry a variety of programs produced by blind people
themselves.  "Imagine," says Chris Gray, who brought the
initiative to ACB's Board of Directors, "A parent who has sent
his child to a residential school for the blind, hundreds of
miles from home, being able to hear his or her child, carried
live on the net, performing in a show or participating in a
debate!  The possibilities for bringing people closer together
are endless!"
          The service expects to grow in popularity and content
as more and more blind people log on to the WWW.ACB.org web site
and tune in.  For now, the internet has already proved its
usefulness and as the net grows, so will ACB Radio and the
community it serves.
To learn more about ACB-Radio, call the national office of the
American Council of the Blind at:  202/467-5081 or between the
hours of 2 and 5 PM eastern time, 800/424-8666.

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