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a rude awakening...

From: <MMuehe@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 18:03:33 EST
Message-ID: <4d5e2cb0.36fd63c5@aol.com>
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Just when I think we're beginning to make progress in our struggle for equal
access and civil rights, I come across a piece of bigoted, ignorant trash like
this, masquerading as "sick humor" (unfortunately, the original sender's e-
mail address was stripped by the time I received this)...

Michael Muehe, a.k.a. another poor bastard

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> From:	Frank Coleman 
> Sent:	Wednesday, March 24, 1999 2:14 PM
> Subject:	sick humor: Nightmare project of the week
> You know, we all have our troubles and travails in life, but it's helpful
> sometimes to remember that no matter how bad it gets, some poor bastard
> somewhere has *got* to have it worse than you.
> Case in point:  this posting to the Macromedia Director mailing list:
> "Subject: Kiosks for blind people and those with no arms
> Yes, that subject line is correct.  I've been asked to attend a meeting
> tomorrow to discuss how we can make our touch-screen kiosks more
> approachible to those who cannot see, and to those with no arms.  I
> certainly do want to make my software flexible, but I've never been asked
> to do this before, and I'm not even sure that I've ever seen a kiosk that
> a sight-impaired person could use, or that one could control without
> fingers.
> These are government people that are asking for this information, so
> they've got all kinds of federal ADA requirements to meet.  If anyone can
> tell me where the federal guidelines are about touch-screen kiosk ADA
> compliance for people with no arms or who cannot see, I'd appreciate it."
> that's what foreheads were invented for,
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