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Re: Pentium III-only sites coming

From: <Lovey@aol.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Mar 1999 20:28:51 EST
Message-ID: <488adc0e.36e1d653@aol.com>
To: david@heroes.force9.co.uk, w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
In a message dated 3/6/99 5:07:43, david@heroes.force9.co.uk writes:
<< To make a non-web analogy, consider access ramps to public building. Yes,

sure, it is important to provide them for people who cannot use stairs. But

should they replace stairs? No, they should run alongside them. If public

buildings removed their stairs and replaced them all with lifts and ramps,

then *I* would be disadvantaged, which seems a little unfair. >>

Ok ... here's another non-web analogy:
What if you got to the ramp or stairway and were denied access to *either*
because you did not have a particular component (ie; tatooed id number)
embedded/stamped/burned in one of your body parts?  (YIKES!!)
The "ramps" are not at issue - it's the "stairways" that deny access to anyone
who does not play (or is it pay?).
Sorry for being silly as this whole issue... but after viewing the TV adverts
I observe that those *able* to "open the door to PIII" are all children.  (if
you've seen the TV  adverts you'll know what I mean)
The message is loud and clear - it pushes the envelope and extends the issue
of accessibility beyond those with disabilities and to a generation who have
no earthly concept of the issues discussed here. 
A generation of whom, I fear, will swallow it happily and whole.
- More food for thought: 
<A HREF="http://www.zdnet.com/zdhelp/stories/main/0,5594,2214831-1,00.html">
Intel PIII: Is Big Brother Inside?</A>
Kindest regards,
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