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RE: Accessible web page counters

From: Joe Roeder <Jroeder@nib.org>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 09:02:05 -0500
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To: "'David Clark'" <dmclark@cast.org>
Cc: "'WAI I G'" <w3c-wai-ig@w3.org>
I wouldn't really call that accessible to be told there is a picture of a
counter but not told what the number count is.

Is anyone doing anything about getting this server side tool to be put out
in a readable format?

Joe Roeder
Access Technology Specialist
National Industries for the Blind

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> Subject: 	RE: Accessible web page counters
> Alex,
> Bobby does not have the intelligence of a person. We understand why
> server-side imagemaps are used in cases like this and suggest that authors
> put a note somewhere on the page explaining what the imagemap is. The page
> still will not pass Bobby, but it will be accessible.
> Hope this helps.
> David Clark
> CAST, Inc.
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> 	Subject: Accessible web page counters
> 	I have been working through my projects web site with Bobby in order
> to meet access standards.
> 	The web page counter, provided by Pagecount, keeps falling foul of
> Bobby, because it is a server-sided image map.
> 	I have provided text hyperlinks to all the links contained in the
> image, but the <a href=....> (as shown below) keeps failing Bobby.
> 	< a href="http://www.pagecount.com/aa-cgi-bin/user.map2/your
> number"> 
> 	< img src="http://www.pagecount.com/aa-cgi-bin/counter.gif?your
> number" ISMAP></a> 
> 	The href allows the counter image to be clickable to 5 links,
> removing it leaves the counter image but inactive. Is there a ways to pass
> Bobby with this type of counter?
> 	Obviously there has been some sort of profile built up on the
> counter and we would prefer to carry on using it, as long as it passes
> Bobby. A large part of the project has been promoting web accessibility
> and the Bobby checker.
> 	Alex McDonald
> 	Project 'On-Line information on Employment and Training
> Opportunities for Disabled People'
> 	alex@toucan2.globalnet.co.uk
> 	http://on-line.org.uk 
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