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Subject: Re: E-DOCS: accessible sites (3 messages)

:> Regarding accessibility of web documents by disabled
:Readers may also like to note the WebMail server
:which responds to the email command GET followed by a URL
and sends the
:resulting Web page back by email, uuencoded if it contains
:There's a HELP command as well, and online help at
:It does not currently serve non-HTML files (ie no graphics,
no zips, exes,
:etc, and FTP is barred) -- I simply don't have the
bandwidth. A MIME reply
:will be added later this year. The service was originally
developed in
:1993 for network users with email-only access from
developing countries,
:but is open to anyone wishing Web access by email.
:The only problems are when it gets publicized in a magazine
:-) then it
:gets inundated -- as last week -- and takes a few days for
the queue to
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