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From: Simon Harper <zzalszsh@fs1.mcc.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:28:03 -0000
To: w3c-wai-ig@w3.org
Message-Id: <E10AV0I-0006IE-00@serenity.mcc.ac.uk>
I Apologise for any Cross-Postings

(Reading time = 5 minutes)

Hi there, I'm working at the University of 
Manchester on WWW browsing and searching 
technologies for visually impaired people. 
As part of this research I'm trying to find out 
how Sighted and Visually Impaired users navigate 
the Web such that I can design applications that 
give more appropriate feedback to a visually 
impaired person.

So now I need your help. I have a series of 
instructions and questions (below) which I'm 
hoping will enable me to see the sort of 
implicit feedback given to sighted users and not 
to visually impaired users, by web browsers that 
give visual feedback.

I'd like as many people as possible to complete 
the tasks and answer the questions. The form can 
then be emailed back to me at: 
simon.harper@mcc.ac.uk (or by using the email 
'Reply' facility). The Information will be 
summarized by me and I will post this summary to 
the group in the new year for your information.

Any help you give is greatly appreciated.

Instructions and Questions Follow 
(Approx Completion Time is 10 Minutes)

1, Do you consider yourself to be visually 

2, Goto http://www.imdb.com

2a, How do you know the page is loading?

2b, How do you know the page has loaded?

3, Draw or describe the layout of the screen in 
rough areas?

3a, How long did it take to find this out?

3b, How would you label each area?

3c, Is the layout familiar, and in what way?

3d, If each of the areas you've identified above 
have different sections what are they?

4, Can you search for a movie title?

4a, If you can, how do you know?

4, Search for the Movie 'Heart Beat'.

4a, How long did it take from starting the 
search to 'seeing' the cover graphic did it take?

4b, Is the page layout (excluding sections) 

5, Where was Heart Beat Filmed?

5a, How long did it take to find this out?

6, What is the run-time?

6a, How long did it take to find this out?

7, Are all the options on the left hand side 

7a, If not, which is the first option that is 
not selectable?

7b, How long did it take to find this out?


Thanks for your time and help

Teaching and Learning Support (TaLS) Unit - Technical
Manchester Computing
University of Manchester
Oxford Road, MANCHESTER, M13 9PL

Phone +44 (0)161 275 7043
Fax   +44 (0)161 275 6040

Website http://www.man.ac.uk/tals/
E-Mail: simon.harper@mcc.ac.uk
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