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RE: Passes BOBBY, but fails W3C HTML Validation. What am I not seeing?

From: Robert C. Neff <rcn@fenix2.dol-esa.gov>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 16:05:56 -0500
Message-ID: <01BE4557.EEA7D3C0.rcn@fenix2.dol-esa.gov>
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URL of the redesigned site

Rob>Just a couple things stand out.  The image mape needs to be made with 
alt tags for each link and you should provide alterante text tags at the 
bottom.  Same goes for the graphics for DOL, IRS, SSA and SBA.

Before you put the Bobby logo, you should have approval from the 
government, because they are now endorsing a product.  I would set up a 
separate link for accessibility.  Here is how we are handling this on our 
redseign due out next week.  This may give you some ideas, see 
we are also considering removing the globe for NCAM.

<Start snippet>
This site has been specifically designed with the needs of the disabled in 
mind. Special consideration has been given to the use of textual browsers 
such as those used by the blind and partially sighted. We have made the 
site as accessible as possible, however, we may have missed something. 
Please feel free to comment <contact.html> on the usability and 
accessibility of the site. Any help you provide will be greatly 
If you are using a text or voice browser, or are using alternate means to 
access information and have problems, please advise the webmaster at 
dbra-comments@fenix2.dol-esa.gov <mailto:dbra-comments@fenix2.dol-esa.gov>. 
Include the page or file name that is a problem, the nature of the problem 
and the type of browser you are using.
If you are having problems viewing information, need a printed copy, or 
additional support please send your request to the webmaster at 
dbra-comments@fenix2.dol-esa.gov <mailto:dbra-comments@fenix2.dol-esa.gov>. 
The request will be forwarded to the appropriate office for action.
The National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM) Web Access Symbol and its 
use is explained at 
gbh/pages/ncam/symbolwinner.html>. The image is used by webmasters -- 
including us -- to denote that their site contains accessibility features 
to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities.
All pages on the DBRA web site are tested with Bobby (by CAST) for 
accessibility and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) HTML Validator for 
HTML 4.0 transitional compliance.

<end snippet>
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