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[Fwd: NEW: PDF-Basics - a '101'-level list for newcomers to AdobeAcrobat software & pdf files]

From: David Poehlman <poehlman@clark.net>
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 10:47:23 -0500
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owing to the recent discussions here concerning this topic, I thought
this announcement relevant..

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From: Kurt Foss <kfoss@PDFZONE.COM>
Subject: NEW: PDF-Basics - a '101'-level list for newcomers to
AdobeAcrobat software & pdf files

PDF-Basics <majordomo@lists.pdfzone.com >
Hosted by PDFzone.COM <http://www.pdfzone.com/>

The PDF-Basics list is being launched by PDFzone.COM to help address the
needs of relative newcomers to Adobe Acrobat software and pdf files, a
haven for questions some might be intimidated to ask on one of our other
pdf-centric lists.

Recent Internet population surveys indicate the largest growth in Net
migration is the influx of people who are less familiar with the online
world, its varied tools and computers in general. Our primary PDF list,
launched in 1995, has grown to an active and knowledgeable network
of more than 2,000 Acrobat-enabled users worldwide. Many PDF list
discussions are beyond the level most useful to pdf newcomers.

PDF-Basics is intended as an appropriate place for posting more
elementary questions -- a sort of ongoing Acrobat 101 course. A digest
version is also available, as will be a browseable, searchable Web
(as list traffic builds).

To subscribe to PDF-Basics, send this one-word message:


to this server address:


OR, to subscribe to the digest version, send the same message:


instead to *this* server address:


You will receive a confirmation message from the server, to which you
*must* 'Reply' (sent back to the server address) to verify your intent
subscribe. You are *not* subscribed to the list until *after* you
'Reply' to the confirmation message. Once you have done so, you'll
receive a "Welcome" message from the PDF-Basics list, along with the
netiquette guidelines.

List Administrative Contact: <mailto:listowner@pdfzone.com>

PDFzone.COM is a free, independent resource for "All Things Acrobat &

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