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RE: Two new sites

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Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 07:40:12 -0500
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Agree, link the whole word

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on point 1, if you put the links at the top, give us a link skipping
option.On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Kathy Seven Williams wrote:

_I find it interesting that so much attention is being given to spacers when
_the site reads so strangely.  Because of the two columns, the links to the
_left and the main text tothe right, as you read through the descriptive
_text, the words for linking are tossed into the mix as they are reached in
_the line by line reading of the WinVsion Screen reader. To add to the
_confusion, they seem to have one letter somehow highlighted or underlined
_to form the link key so that they are read I nformation then on with the
_descriptive text. Believe me this is more distracting than whatever may or
_may not happen with spacing images if the user happens to have images off
_which BTW I never do as I like to get what I can from what there is to see
_with my low vision.
_POINT 1 put the links at the top or bottom so they don't interfer with the
_reading of the main page text.
_POINT 2 There are far more people with low vision who like to see what they
_can, but still need text help to identify graphics than there are totally
_blind who don't care that they have to view a page without graphics. I am
_notpleased having to be forced to pretend I am totally blind in order to
_get any information about graphics., What ever happened to the picture
_caption from the printed page days?
_"While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done."
_Helen Keller
_K7 (Kathy Seven Williams)

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