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Screen readers and surfing the Web - questionnaire

From: Trace Center Research Staff <questionnaire@tracecenter.org>
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 16:33:07 -0500
Message-Id: <199806012134.QAA00900@trace.wisc.edu>
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We are posting this to several lists, so apologize for any cross-postings
you may receive.  


One of the directives of the Trace Research and Development Center is to
try to make the Internet as accessible as possible to persons who use
adaptive technology such as screen readers.  As you might suspect,
different browser-screen reader combinations work together very
differently.  Some of the newer versions of screen readers have made
special attempts to work well with certain browsers.  Older versions
sometimes do not work as well.

As we work with W3C and others to help draft guidelines for browsers and
Web site developers, we try out many different combinations and talk to
people who use specific products.  It is not our attempt to determine which
product is best.  We are, however, interested in gaining more feedback from
those of you who use screen readers to surf the Web.  To this end, we will
be trying a number of strategies to gather information from users.  One
such method is the one listed below.

We would very much appreciate it if you could find the time to answer the
questions below.  The results will be used to help us in the preparation of
guidelines and other activities related to Web accessibility. The
information we receive will be tabulated without reference to the name of
the person answering the questions.  The results will be made available on
the Trace Web site when they are compiled.

Could you please return this questionnaire directly to
questionnaire@tracecenter.org so as not to over-burden this listserv with
your responses.  We will provide you with the URL for the results as soon
as they are available. 

1.  What browser or browsers do you currently use?  Please list the version
numbers of the ones you use.

2.  What screen reader or screen readers do you currently use? Please list
the approximate release date of the versions you currently use. 

3.  What browser/screen reader combinations do you use?  If you are only
using one screen reader and one browser, you do not have to answer this

4.  Is a newer version of the screen reader you currently use available?
Yes -- No.

5.  Are you planning to update to this newer version?  Yes -- No. Could you
briefly describe the reasons for your wanting to either update or stick
with the current version?

6.  Are you planning to update to a different screen reader?  Yes -- No. If
so, which one?  could you briefly describe your reasons for changing to a
different screen reader?

7.  Are you planning on updating to a newer version of your browser in the
near future?  Yes -- No.

8.  Are you planning to change browsers in the near future?  Yes -- No.  If
so, which one?  could you briefly describe your reasons for changing to a
different browser?

9.  Which operating system do you use?  ___ Window 95  ____DOS ____Windows
3.1 ___Macintosh ___Unix  ____other, please elaborate 

10.  Which web page do you visit most often? http://_____________

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions.  Please
return this information to questionnaire@tracecenter.org as soon as it is
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