Re: Discussion list guidelines

ASG:: responses introduced with initials and double colon.

to follow up on what George Kerscher said:

> Here is the latest version of the list guidelines developed by
> Gregg and myself with help from many others. Comments welcome.

ASG::  OK, I'll try to remember the double colon.

Is the quote-marking with "greater" character OK so long as one
prunes the quotes to just what is needed?

I am not sure the end-mark is worth fighting for if
greater-quoting is used.

There comes a point from time to time when we have worked out
something worth remembering (like this set of guidelines) that it
is time to create a web page so there is a stable URL to come
back to.

Eventually I hope our list-member's handbook will cover using
email and Web pages as a team.

Another related issue is how we move documents around.

-- Al Gilman

Received on Tuesday, 2 December 1997 09:36:51 UTC