REVIEW - WCAG 2 proposed changes (due by May 28)

The following email outlines the updates proposed and implemented by the WCAG 2 Task Force. It provides a two-week window for Working Group members to review non-normative WCAG 2 updates, and consists of changes in several categories.

Proposed normative change

In addition to the non-normative changes in the sections below, the Task Force has identified a normative change for the Working Group. This is listed here to initiate a normative review process. It will be added to an upcoming call, and if the attending working group members are in general agreement, it will go through a CFC process.

  *   Editorial update to target size (minimum) exceptions #3189<>

How to provide feedback on the following changes

For proposed substantive or editorial changes:

  1.  Give a thumbs up on the pull request description to agree. (We are looking for >4)
  2.  Or provide feedback in the Conversation to request changes

Based on feedback, those changes will be merged or brought back for another review.

For proposed draft responses to issues, give a thumbs up or comment.

If you spot a problem with an implemented bug fix, open a new issue.

Proposed substantive changes (changes that meaningfully add or alter existing non-normative guidance)

  *   Technique G183: expand example 2 to actually illustrate the technique's point #2244<>

Proposed editorial changes (small improvements to language intended to clarify existing guidance)

  *   Broken link fixes to 2.2 documents #3481<>
  *   add related technique (h71) to F82 #3820<>
  *   make F73 less shouty #3814<>
  *   Update F91 to remove unrelated techniques #3821<>
  *   WCAG 2.2: Understanding 2.4.12 Focus Not Obscured (Enhanced) - Wrong reference to Focus Appearance #3753<>

Proposed responses to issues (for which we are not going to create a PR)

None this cycle.

Implemented bug fixes (trivial editorial corrections such as typos and broken links)
         Update usability glossary deep link #3813<>
         Expand video fix to #examples video #3794<>
How to participate in future task force work

  *   Attend Friday call<>
  *   Participate asynchronously in github discussions<>
  *   Self-assign issues on the project board<>
  *   Subscribe to Listserv:<>

Completed changes

A table showing all merged changes by date <>

Received on Tuesday, 14 May 2024 16:08:36 UTC