Re: AGENDA & Reviews - AGWG Meeting April 30th 2024

Two decisions that were made at today's meeting:

  *   Put Guidelines content in Editor's Draft following our standard procedures.<>
  *   Agree to have a Call for Consensus to move Guidelines content to Working Draft with additional wording to editors note about editor's note not being on specific items, additional research markings, removing the word "guidelines", and minor updates discussed in meeting.<>

Per our process, comments can be provided on these decisions until Monday, May 6th. You can read the most up-to-date content at  PR 63<> <> and preview the fulltext on RawGit<>.  The sections with new content are the Introduction and Guidelines sections.  The editor's note has been changed slightly since the meeting per our discussion.

Please comment on the PR if you have additional concerns.

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Subject: RE: AGENDA & Reviews - AGWG Meeting April 30th 2024

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Minutes available at:<;!!EDx7F7x-0XSOB8YS_BQ!f72HgryEW--syVPYobaTs1iftxseqZ0-DVFgo6C_H2Pkt7jnr1Pp88Ue38rPcLJ8Y0LQkBPrdmCiSkNvbCHlE_MCcg$>

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Subject: AGENDA & Reviews - AGWG Meeting April 30th 2024

The AGWG will be meeting on Tuesday, 30th of April 2024 at 11.00 AM Eastern US (Length: up to 2 hours).


  *   CEPC Reminder <;!!EDx7F7x-0XSOB8YS_BQ!f72HgryEW--syVPYobaTs1iftxseqZ0-DVFgo6C_H2Pkt7jnr1Pp88Ue38rPcLJ8Y0LQkBPrdmCiSkNvbCHV69uZsQ$>
  *   Discuss Publishing Pull Request<;!!EDx7F7x-0XSOB8YS_BQ!f72HgryEW--syVPYobaTs1iftxseqZ0-DVFgo6C_H2Pkt7jnr1Pp88Ue38rPcLJ8Y0LQkBPrdmCiSkNvbCElRqe7rg$>
  *   Continue Text Alternatives Discussion<;!!EDx7F7x-0XSOB8YS_BQ!f72HgryEW--syVPYobaTs1iftxseqZ0-DVFgo6C_H2Pkt7jnr1Pp88Ue38rPcLJ8Y0LQkBPrdmCiSkNvbCGXzuhORQ$>

To Review

Please review PR #62 and make any suggested changes. We plan on discussing updating the Editors Draft and Working Draft at the meeting.  The description includes a link to the html preview and to a google doc version of the updated text.

Meeting Logistics

Please reply with regrets to<> (only) if you would normally attend this meeting.

To connect to the meeting:

Meeting call-in and zoom information is at this non-public page:<;!!EDx7F7x-0XSOB8YS_BQ!f72HgryEW--syVPYobaTs1iftxseqZ0-DVFgo6C_H2Pkt7jnr1Pp88Ue38rPcLJ8Y0LQkBPrdmCiSkNvbCEvSrwVrw$>

IRC:<;!!ACWV5N9M2RV99hQ!JKZL_dimJe3x_YM-KX849hhAweuphws3nGkw6_SgQl20EbUwq6pj2I8uoFDhY_v1h-VhzQf1rvj0LYggqj5XSg$> port: 6665 channel #ag

Scribe list:<;!!EDx7F7x-0XSOB8YS_BQ!f72HgryEW--syVPYobaTs1iftxseqZ0-DVFgo6C_H2Pkt7jnr1Pp88Ue38rPcLJ8Y0LQkBPrdmCiSkNvbCHuyvS4Sw$>

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