Re: [EXT] AI and the future of Web accessibility Guidelines

On 12/04/2024 21:55, Gregg Vanderheiden wrote:
> Correct - alt text is an html feature and is fixed
> I am talking about AI that generates the alternative alternate in real- 
> time whenever an image is encountered.
> not an author thing

In the extreme then...rewrite all SCs to be about the user need (users 
need to be able to know what's the structure of content - headings, 
lists, etc - is, users need to be able to be given an text 
description/alternative for non-text content, etc). And then, for the 
"so how do authors achieve any of this?", just have a single technique 
... "leave it up to AI in the user agent / acting as an intermediate".

Patrick H. Lauke


Received on Friday, 12 April 2024 21:12:24 UTC