Re: AI and the future of Web accessibility Guidelines

> On 4 Apr 2024, at 09:02, Gregg Vanderheiden RTF < <>> wrote:
> We will soon have AI that can do a better job of text alternatives than humans can for example.     
> And then it is unclear why we would require authors to do all this work.    
> This applies to a LOT of things.   

(in personal capacity)

There isn't conclusive research to say that the (LLM's) problem of hallucination and utterances of falsehoods is solvable, in fact some say it is inevitable ( 

Add to that the problems of environmental cost, bias, copyright and social issues (including the working conditions of people categorising stuff), and it seems fair to me to continue to require authors to provide text alternatives and descriptions. 

Of course, I'm not saying that should stop any users from using such tools in addition to what websites provide or fail to provide.

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