Re: REVIEW - WCAG 2 proposed changes (due by April 15)

A couple comments on these 

> Update Input Purposes list to remove transaction-amount #3539 <> (Normative)

How can we make a normative change without a full normative review process?   
(I agree with the change - but am asking questions about the process)

Should we gather any of these — and put the group through the formal process later? 
(does that mean we have a  2.2.1 version?) 

for this one 
Update W3C staff contact from Michael to Kevin #3751 <>

I don’t think we need to change WCAG itself.  That is meant to be  the status when published (or sent for publication)
I would not change this in WCAG — just on the website.
and Michael email can be forwarded to Kevin if it comes in.


the other changes are either to informative docs - and seem ok  — 
or are production errors (adding ALT Text ) and should be done immediately as a repair of the document for accessibility - and not treated as editorial or errata.


> On Apr 2, 2024, at 8:23 AM, Michael Gower <> wrote:
> The following email outlines the updates proposed and implemented by the WCAG 2 Task Force. It provides a two-week window for Working Group members to review WCAG 2 updates, and consists of changes in three categories.
> How to provide feedback
> For proposed substantive or editorial changes:
> Give a thumbs up on the pull request description to agree. (We are looking for >4)
> Or provide feedback in the Conversation to request changes
> Based on feedback, those changes will be merged or brought back for another review.
> For proposed draft responses to issues, give a thumbs up or comment.
> If you spot a problem with an implemented bug fix, open a new issue. 
> Proposed substantive changes (changes that meaningfully add or alter existing non-normative guidance)
> Clarification for applicability of F15 technique & 4.1.2 #3754 <>
> Update Input Purposes list to remove transaction-amount #3539 <> (Normative)
> Proposed editorial changes (small improvements to language intended to clarify existing guidance)
> Add clarification regarding specific pages within a set of web pages that lack a help mechanism #3744 <>
> SC 2.5.7 Dragging Movements Understanding Doc - 2.5.1 link now points to WCAG 2.2 instead of WCAG 2.1 #3752 <>
> Update W3C staff contact from Michael to Kevin #3751 <>
> Add alt text to images #3762 <>
> Add references between failure techniques and Focus Appearance understanding #3763 <>
> Proposed responses to issues (for which we are not going to create a PR)
> ·         3.3.2 and Required Fields #3553 <>
> bug fixes (trivial editorial corrections such as typos and broken links)
> ·         Merge pr3381 and pr3738 #3757 <>
> How to participate in future task force work
> Attend Friday call <>
> Participate asynchronously in github discussions <>
> Self-assign issues on the project board <>
> Subscribe to Listserv: <> 
> Completed changes
> A table showing all merged changes by date  <>

Received on Tuesday, 2 April 2024 23:18:35 UTC