Re: My concern about ACT rule "Element in sequential focus order has visible focus"

Hey Detlev,

The rule's applicability says:

The rule applies to any element which is part of sequential focus navigation
<> in an HTML
document <>.
So not any element, but any element that is focused when you tab through
the page. That's not only user interface components. If you have a region
that's focusable because it has a scrollbar, the rule includes that too.
But it's not just any element as you suggest.

On Tue, Jan 10, 2023 at 6:42 PM Detlev Fischer <>

> Just that it doesn't get lost (since discussion was cut short in the
> telco):
> My concern about the rule "Element in sequential focus order has visible
> focus" (
> )
> that it refers to ANY element taking fokus while the normative text
> of 2.4.7 to which this rule is tied states:
> "2.4.7 Focus Visible: Any *keyboard operable user interface* has a mode
> of operation where the keyboard focus indicator is visible."
> To me, non interactive elements taking focus due to tabindex="0" should be
> out of scope for the rule since they are not part of the user interface
> (they are not tied to any action).
> So giving the SC a strict reading, I think the rule should be scoped to
> just user interface (i.e. interactive) elements, and say nothing about tab
> stops that are not on user interface elements.
> Needless to say that invisible tabstops are to be avoided, but a single
> invisible tab stop where the overall focus visibility is good strikes me as
> a rather minor accessibility issue.
> Whatever take you have on that, it seems it would need another rule to
> cover focus on elements that are not part of the user element (whether they
> should recieive focus at all, and if they do, whether that focus must be
> visible).
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