RE: Agenda - AGWG Meeting 20 September 2022

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No resolutions this week.

  *   WCAG 2.2 Implementation check-in<>
     *   AGWG requesting additional model site and auditors
  *   TPAC Recap<>
     *   Chairs shared TPAC Summary<> for your review.
     *   Live conversation during call focused on meeting mechanics (which were better than ever), since time available for this topic was limited.
     *   Next face-to-face opportunity presumable CSUN in March.
  *   Subgroup retrospective<>
     *   Live conversation during call focused on experience with 8-week sprites and optimal number of participants.
  *   Continue conformance Pros and Cons conversation<>
     *   This is an activity carried over from TPAC, collecting input and feedback for more future conversations.
     *   Please review and contribute to  Pros and Cons of the Conformance Options<> being discussed.
     *   We did not complete last two sections, so please add pros and cons to Weighting<> and Protocols<> for discussion next week.

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Subject: Agenda - AGWG Meeting 20 September 2022

The AGWG will be meeting on Tuesday, 20th September 2022 at 11.00 AM Eastern US (Length: up to 2 hours).

Note there are no surveys this week.

*        WCAG 2.2 Implementation testing check-in
*        TPAC Recap [10 minutes]
*        Subgroup retrospective [30 minutes]
*        Continue conformance Pros and Cons conversation (If you have not yet done so, please review the ideas and example proposals on slides 3 and 4 from Building WCAG 3 at TPAC<>)

Please reply with regrets to<> (only) if you would normally attend this meeting.

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Meeting call-in and zoom information is at this non-public page:

IRC: port: 6665 channel #ag

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