[Accessibiity Support] Minutes of the meeting on 30 August 2022 (Week 7)

Hi all,

- Reviewed the Use Case #5 Adobe PDF. Adobe documented 23 Sufficient
techniques and Technology notes in Techniques for WCAG 2.0. Andrew shared
what Adobe has done and what challenges and issues they have been facing.
One of the big challenges was the support for different combinations of
browsers and AT.
- Invited Wilco as a guest and learned from his experiences on
Accessibility Support Database, ACT Rules and other community driven
efforts. We understood that developing the database requires the funding
and robust staffing in the first place. There will also be different
 issues to be solved, including policy matters.
- For our pull request as our deliverables, we'll review the draft and
finalize it next week. We've documented different use cases and a table of
pros and cons.  Possible solution would be (1) drop Accessibility Supported
concept, (2) continue it as-is,  (3) develop a database of Accessibility
Supported information including test files.


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