Re: [test type & terminology] Agenda August 22nd, week 6

Was talking with Wilco about  "Adaptive Tests" 

And I thought of something that we may need to keep in mind.

For standards (for formally adopted international standards) you can only refer to existing - non-changing - adopted standards or references. You can’t have a standard that refers normatively to a future document  - or  a document that can change in the future.   That is why standards always refer to other standards by their date. 

So I think we can have adaptive tests - but if they refer to non-normative or changing docs then they can’t be in a 'required' provision.    A REGULATION can but a standard can’t.    At least not any of the standards Ive worked on in international standards groups. 

Sooo —  a new angle to think about.   Provisions that are not part of conformance but that might become part of an accessibility regulation.   Not sure exactly how this would work - or if it would work at all.   But just a thought…

For example — you can’t have a standard 

Gregg Vanderheiden

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