Re: SURVEY: WCAG 2.2 editorial updates

1 – ok
4 – Can you confirm that the slider thumb is included? It looks like the main point of my issue is not included.
5 – Part of the point of my edits was to directly clarify that zooming triggers a user-initiated change because it clarifies the exception. I would be more comfortable with this formulation if the phrase “The user can cause a change” was “The user can initiate a change”


1. Target size - Problems with the Equivalent exception #2569

Two people didn’t think the general “alternatives” applied, but having checked with two former chairs I’m confident it does. It is a tad hidden: In the understanding conformance doc<> it says:
“Alternatives can also be provided on the same page. For example creating an equivalent to a user interface control.“

Jonathan was aware of that but would still like to have it explicit in this SC.

Chair hat off: If we make that explicit in this SC then it implies other SCs can’t use alternatives. I’d rather be consistent.

Chair hat on: Given that the exception is not required (according to our conformance model) would anyone object to removing it?

4. Improvement for Dragging Movement definition note #2595

This had agreement except for a question: Is it ok to include the thumbs of sliders in this list of examples?

Sliders are used a lot in the Pointer Gestures understanding document<> and we’ve already had trouble differentiating gestures and dragging, so I think it is a good point.

Given that any “little piece of UI” is probably represented by text or an image, I propose that we just remove the last part so it is:
“Examples of draggable elements include list items, text elements, and images.”

Any objections?

5. Clarification for Consistent Help, 2nd Note #2596

There were several suggested updates, taking into account the context (the rest of the note<>), I though this combination worked best:

“For this Success Criterion, the same relative order can be thought of as how the content is ordered when the page is serialized. The visual position of a help mechanism is likely to be consistent across pages for the same page variation (e.g., CSS break-point). [CHANGE:] The user can cause a change, such as changing the page's zoom or orientation, which may trigger a different page variation. A visual change between page variations does mean a change of relative order.”

Any objections to that?

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From: Alastair Campbell <>
Date: Monday, 15 August 2022 at 10:41
To: WCAG list ( <>
Subject: SURVEY: WCAG 2.2 editorial updates
Hi everyone,

There are a few recent editorial updates identified in github issues.

I’ve created a survey for this:<>

If we get sufficient response (of agreement) on the survey this week, I don’t think they need meeting time. If people disagree we can raise them at a meeting.

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