RE: CFC Move WCAG 2.2 to Candidate Recommendation (Revised)


I agree all changes already agreed should be in the WCAG 2.2 CR right away, not in an errata, like Patrick explained.
I agree to Bruce's suggestion concerning the exception in 3.3.7, the exception should be a full sentence.

My main reason is I have an issue with  2.4.12 Focus Not Obscured (Minimum) and 2.4.13 Focus Not Obscured (Enhanced).
Sorry for not having it spotted earlier.

I feel the wording does not really cover the intention.

It says (emphasized by me to illustrate my point):
Success Criterion 2.4.12 Focus Not Obscured (Minimum)
When a user interface component receives keyboard focus, the component is not entirely hidden due to author-created content.

The intention is, that the focus indicator is at least party visible.
If the indication is realized as a 4 CSS pixel thick line along the shortest side of the minimum bounding box of the unfocused component, for example on its left side, it might be completely hidden if the page is scrolled right, while the component itself might be partly or even fully visible.
This way the focused element cannot be identified.
In the benefit it says:
*        This Success Criterion helps anyone who relies on the keyboard to operate the page by letting them visually determine the component on which keyboard operations will interact at any point in time.
This is only true if not only the component is visible, but also the focus indicator.
I suggest to say
"the focus indicator and the component both are not entirely hidden"

It says (emphasized by me to illustrate my point):
Success Criterion 2.4.13 Focus Not Obscured (Enhanced)
When a user interface component receives keyboard focus, no part of the focus indicator is hidden by author-created content.
In a similar case as above, the focus indicator might be fully visible while the focused component is not visible or only a small part of it is visible. Again, the focused element cannot be identified.
The intent of this requirement says:
The purpose of this Success Criterion is to ensure that a component with keyboard focus is visible. This criterion is closely related to Focus Not Obscured (Minimum)<> but requires that the whole of the component is visible.
Therefore I suggest to say:
"no part of the focus indicator or the component is hidden"

In addition, I feel the current wording is not symmetric. So I suggested a symmetric wording.

I have another point, which is no reason to -1 though, as I can live with it:
Success Criterion 3.2.6: Consistent Help:
As it requests help to be placed in a consistent manner and it does not request help options to be provided, I (still) feel it is already covered by 3.2.3 Consistent Navigation.
If this is not correct, it maybe should be explained in the understanding why it is not covered by 3.2.3.
If it is correct, I understand the requirement shall encourage, though not request, to provide help.
Is that right?

Best regards,

Dr. Gundula Niemann
SAP PE UX Accessibility

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Subject: Re: CFC Move WCAG 2.2 to Candidate Recommendation (Revised)

My apologies, I used the incorrect URI. Please review<>

The revised CFC is below.

Call for Consensus - ends Thursday August 11th at 23:59pm Boston time.
The Working Group has approved CFCs for all new normative content in WCAG 2.2 and it is ready to move to Candidate Recommendation.
The draft is at<>
If you have concerns about this proposed consensus position that have not been discussed already and feel that those concerns result in you "not being able to live with" this decision, please let the group know before the CFC deadline.

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