[Equity] Minutes of the WCAG3 Equity meeting of 25 July 2022

== Summary ==

 1. We gathered thoughts from the homework assignment to review the
    research and prototype documentation
    This discussion centered around the complexities of any equity
    solution.  We discussed the need for language and culture
    complexities in the guidance. WCAG3 at first release must have some
    visible improvement in equity over WCAG2 and must have a process for
    improving equity.
 2. We worked on thedefinition of equity and started developing use
    We discussed the difference between equity and equal and found it
    useful to look at the mathematical differences.  Webster definition
    of "Fairness and justice in the way people are treated". We know
    that these concepts are not absolutes and are shaped by individual
    worldview, culture, and experiences.  How can we deal with that in a
    standards environment?  We started listing use cases to capture some
    of the complexities.
 3. We started moving some of the discussion into a draft report wiki
    page <https://github.com/w3c/silver/wiki/Equity-Framework>.  We will
    be working to polish and flesh out this area.

== Minutes ==


Received on Monday, 25 July 2022 13:27:31 UTC