Re: July 5th - No Meeting

Hi Jake,

Im not aware of any W3C requirements for definitions beyond the formatting for the spec.

There is a WCAG-level requirement that the first sentence can be put in place of the term, and it should still work.

There are some common sense requirements, e.g. it should not be a circular definition.

Apart from that, Ive just been following the examples from WCAG 2.0.


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Date: Wednesday, 6 July 2022 at 16:42
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Hey all,

Wondering if we have 'definition requirements' for writing definitions for WCAG and/or other W3C specifications?
If so, could you please provide that info?

Thanks a million!

Op wo 29 jun. 2022 om 16:35 schreef Alastair Campbell <<>>:
Hi everyone,

Weve got a lot of people away next week so we will cancel it.

No meeting on the 5th of July.

Kind regards,



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