PhD Presentation on Contrast and APCA

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I recently came across this conference talk, and thought you might find it entertaining, useful, and informative.

Vicent Sanchis, PhD in optometry and an accessibility specialist, recently gave this great presentation on contrast at #WCEU2022 <>, covering both WCAG 2 and APCA, with comparisons and review of APCA as a method.

The YouTube link starts at 1:06:16 <>, the beginning of the presentation, starting with the importance of contrast, and then covering WCAG 2.

At 1:21:22 <> he gets into the issues with WCAG 2 and comparisons to perception.

At 1:26:37 <> he introduces APCA and further discusses the advantages of a perceptually uniform contrast method.

Link: <>

While I’m at it, I recently re-organized the APCA documentation & related resources for easier access:

Additional APCA Resources

The simple, one page, plain language overview is “Why APCA” <>

For more, see this catalog of resources, articles, and links. <>

And for tools, the APCA Calculator <> and the Bridge PCA Calculator. <>

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